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Intuitive Readings

***All readings are currently completed by pdf and sent via email within 2 business days. This is temporary until we get the right resources in place, thanks for understanding. We are currently accepting PayPal, prices listed below are in $CAD. After your purchase, if required, we will be in touch to confirm your questions/areas of interest.***


Cold Intuitive Reading - $100.00

Mini chakra reading included, questions are not included.

A cold intuitive reading does not include tarot or specific questions, it is simply just channeling energy. I break this out into three main categories, personal, career, and relationships. There tends to be 2-3 chakras that come up and information on those will be provided as well. I try to focus on the quarter/year at hand but information can come through from the past as well as the future. My goal is to provide you with a reading that is predominantly focused on the next 90 days – calendar year at hand.

Intuitive Reading - $115.00

Mini chakra reading included, up to four questions included.

You will be able to ask up to four questions as well as mention your area(s) of focus before the reading is conducted. From here, I’ll go ahead and address those areas and questions of interest. I’ll also provide information on career, personal and relationships as well as provide a chakra scan (typically 2-3 chakras will intertwine with the reading). Let’s see how we can work together to take a deeper dive into your areas of interest while still being able to provide insights into other areas that may integrate with your asks.

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Tarot Card Reading (6 card spread) - $90.00

Best to focus on one - two questions or a specific area of your life.

We will focus on one main question or area of your life. Each tarot reading is unique and is often intertwined with other matters or other areas of your life, all of which will appear during the reading I will provide a synopsis on how the tarot cards relay with your asks, a summary on the overall reading, and any additional insights that come forth.

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Chakra Reading - $70.00

Reading includes information on all chakras.

Information on all seven chakras will be provided. Chakra readings will also intertwine with specific areas such as relationships, career, financial or wellbeing. As a starting point, I will identify which chakras are excessive or deficient and go from there. There usually tends to be 2-3 chakras which are the focus of the reading.

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Tarot Card Reading (3 card spread) - $45.00

Past, present, future or singular question.

We have a few different options here when using our tarot deck for a three card spread. Whether there is a question, insights into the past, present or future, and/or there is one area in your life where you’d like perceptions on, we are flexible in helping you get the insights you need.

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