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FAQ & Testimonials

Frequently asked questions

How should I prepare for my reading?

Depending on the service, please take some time to identify which areas of your life or specific questions you'd like to ask. It's best to identify your objective and understand how the reading can help you gain clarity in a clarified area of need.

Are you able to conduct readings for individuals outside your country?

Of course! Energy work is not restricted to a specific geographic region. We continue to work with individuals across the globe.

Do you offer group readings?

Group readings are currently unavailable. Although this is something we might consider in the future when we have the appropriate tools in place.

How can you guarantee the accuracy of your readings?

No one can guarantee the accuracy of a reading. Readings are done by tapping into the energy of what is today but we understand that change is constant, and that we have the ability to change our trajectory. Kindly review our testimonials below for additional insights.

How often should I get a reading?

This depends on the individual. Some individuals will come and go every few years, others commit to getting a reading once a year or more frequently. I wouldn't recommend more than once a quarter unless your intuition advises to do so.


Testimonials ◒

"Wow! Your intuitive reading gave me chills and goosebumps. I was astonished by how your words resonated with where I was in my life. I was more astonished to find that the specific dates you had mentioned, were the exact dates my business had its best days. This really helped me gain more insight into myself as well as validated where I was in my life. This reading predicted my upcoming relationships - which I was very skeptical of and it all transpired as you had written! Thank you for not using words like psychic, fortune teller, medium, clairvoyant or trying to tell me my aura needed clearing. Just thanks..."

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Terms and Conditions & Privacy - Your privacy matters. 

A lengthy legal document. Simply put, we will not store or process your PII (personally identifiable information) unless it's required by law or for an order/purchase. Your information will not be shared with third parties unless its a third party affiliate used for processing financial transactions and/or shipping. Services are non-refundable and are final sale but refunds will apply to products within 30 days of initial purchase. Any mediation will take place in British Columbia, Canada (also our governing law).