Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Ethereal- poetic, delicate, beautiful, unworldly...​​

Sonder - profound, individual realization that each person is living their own rich life, filled with their own personal complexities. The same as yourself, yet also as intricate and as different as one could imagine...

Ethereal Sonder

When choosing to embark on a destination (the journey is the destination), it’s an obligation to trust what’s been given and relay that in a way that makes sense. Working with energy can come in different forms such as colours, sounds, chakras, senses, feelings, animals, plants, circumstances, pictures, individuals etc. Everyone is unique as is each reading.

Image by Michael Lee

It doesn’t feel good to put energy into the world which is inauthentic, based on false pretenses or energy that preys on individuals’ psychological profiles. This is easy to do. It’s much harder to connect to our higher selves/intuition and find the light within to be a guide to others without preconceived notions. We have chosen not to use words such as psychic, medium, clairvoyant, fortune teller, oracle etc. as we feel that these self-proclamations are mostly used as buzzwords. We all have intuitive gifts. It doesn’t put us in a unique category it just means that we’ve worked on a skill. We choose not to use words that are self-fulfilling. It isn’t about us, it's about how we can help you.

It seems “ethics” is becoming harder to rationalize as consumerism takes over. With crystals/stones, they too carry a vibration and frequency of their own. Then added to that, we must consider the journey and lifecycle of these products, for if they are sourced using unethical practices, then those respective vibrations will be passed forward.

Would it make sense to provide products of a specific caliber and then package them using materials which are harmful to our environment? Don’t think so! It's up to us to try our hardest to make this process as eco-friendly, inclusive (in terms of accessibility), and ethical as possible. We may not always get it right, but we will try our best as we continue to grow and learn. 

It's a choice to bring integrity, authenticity, sustainability, inclusivity, and love into Ethereal Sonder. It allows us to integrate our practices and give back to nature, individuals, and ourselves in way that's intentional, and this allows our soul to feel full. 

Image by Gaetano Cessati
Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Social media feels unnatural to us. 

For authenticity reasons, we have chosen not to have a social media presence. 

We trust in our community and we trust in our relationships. We trust in our ability to put forth our best efforts in hopes that those efforts will create ripple effects. We are not here to force your hand, ask for shares, hashtags, likes or anything of that sort. We would much rather have individuals spend their time in natural states, taking simple moments to enjoy nature without constantly being connected to technology. 

❤ We also extend our deepest of gratitude to those who do choose to extend their own experiences with their communities, knowing that this is an action created by one's own will. ❤